MidAmerica Liner - Wever, Iowa #1
MidAmerica Liner - Fresno #1
MidAmerica Liner - Fresno #1
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Project Location
Wever, Iowa

MidAmerica Liner was contracted to install 3/16” HDPE sheet in the concrete containment area underneath steel tanks. The project was unique for several reasons. First, 3/16” sheet is not a typical thickness associated with this type of installation. Second, the installation was difficult. Almost every sheet had to be custom cut and shaped to match the contour of the foundation, and welded in place.  Finally, the installation took place in the heat of the summer and reduced the installation window during the day.

MidAmerica liner was able to install the HDPE sheets in 3 tanks and stay on budget and on time. The project was submitted to IAGI and won the award for Innovative Installation of the year. Difficult specifications, subgrade, and environment can be challenging for any construction company.